7 Steps to Starting a Reselling Business for Beginners

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7 Steps to Starting a Reselling Business for Beginners

Reselling Business – What do you know about resellers? Reseller comes from the word re which means return and seller which means to sell. Reseller terms are an online business where you resell goods that have been purchased from suppliers. To do this one business, it means that you need capital first to stock up on the goods to be sold.

Becoming a reseller can be done by anyone whether it’s young or old, the most important capital of this business is having a smartphone or laptop and also an internet connection. This is useful as a medium for marketing the products you sell to buyers. The time needed in this buying and selling activity is also quite short, if you can establish good cooperation, then the time given will be very efficient.

For the problem of profit, every business will certainly benefit, depending on how we sell our products to others. One of the most important advantages is that you don’t have to produce your own goods to sell, your job here is only to stock up on goods and also market the goods you sell.

7 Steps to Starting a Reselling Business

Well, for beginners who don’t know how to succeed in this reseller business, we will share tips so that you become a successful reseller. The following are 7 steps to successfully build a reseller business, beginners must know.

1. Choose a Product to Sell

The first step you have to do is choose a product to sell. Here you have to choose a product category, for example you will sell products about children’s equipment. then all you have to do is buy and stock children’s equipment first, then sell it. Choosing to sell children’s equipment, means that you have to target the buyers, namely children.

Choosing a product is one of the most important steps for those of you who want to build a reseller business. Here you have to really be able to feel, about what products will be needed by people in a long time. One of the tips for choosing the most appropriate product is to choose according to your own hobby.

2. Setting the Target

The second tip is to determine the target market, namely who the product you are selling is for. Is it for children, adults, and also the elderly. There are some things about products that can only be used by parents and can only be used by children. there are even products that are very suitable for use by young and old.

Just like you sell children’s toys, surely your target market is children. If you sell household appliances, of course the parents who need the equipment are the ones who need it. If you sell sports equipment, both young people, adults, and the elderly, they all really need the equipment.

3. Create Your Own Online Store

The next successful step for a reseller business is to create your own online store. Having your own online store will make your business look really official and professional. Usually when you promote a product, the buyer will question other types of goods being sold. That way, you can let your online shop really exist.

4. Choose the Right Supplier

This fourth tip is very important to do, where later you will order the product first to the supplier before selling it. Make sure your suppliers are easy to contact and provide a fast response so that your customers don’t feel disappointed with you.

Here you can also survey several types of suppliers, compare one supplier to another. If so, choose a supplier that you think is superior, such as fast response, low price, good quality, and so on. That way your reseller business will run well and smoothly without any disturbances that block it.

5. Determine the Selling Price

The next tip is to determine the selling price of the product, here you have to determine the right price. Make sure the selling price of your product is higher than the price you bought the product for to the supplier. Here you have to be able to set the right price, which is not too expensive and not too low, the most important thing is that you can benefit and get customers.

Usually resellers sell prices with a profit of 10% – 20%, for example you buy a product to a supplier at a price of $ 1, then you can sell it to customers for $ 1.2 – $ 1.5. The right price will make customers not feel suspicious and will not easily turn to other online stores.

6. Service System

Although quality products, prices are very cheap, it can not guarantee the success of your reseller business. There is one more thing you have to do, which is to provide good service to its customers. A good service system such as smiling, greeting, greeting, polite and courteous to customers. give a good response when someone orders an item.

7. Give Discount

The last successful step of a reseller business is to give discounts to your customers. People will certainly be very happy if they want to buy items that have discounts. Provide efficient discounts where you still benefit from selling your products. That way, there will be more customers and more profits will be obtained.

So some information about 7 steps to successfully build a reseller business, beginners must know! Hopefully useful for all friends, thank you.

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