How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works

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How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works

Bluetooth Earbuds – Headsets are often used in everyday life, for example: watching movies using a laptop, listening to songs, watching YouTube, streaming certain programs, or while traveling. When traveling a headset is one item that is rarely left behind. Headsets are usually used when you want to sleep but want to calm down with music.

You can use a headset so as not to disturb the comfort of other passengers while traveling. Because the headset is an important tool that accompanies daily activities, you must be sad when your headset suddenly doesn’t make an undue sound, turns off.

Some of the common problems that people face with Bluetooth headsets are the one-sided power off issue, or frequent disconnects or disconnects. This issue is basically fixable, as it is generally only caused by phone settings, stuck dust issues and other simple issues.

How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works

You don’t have to worry because you are not alone. You don’t need to rush to throw away the headset or buy a new headset, you can try to repair the headset first.

1. Clean Your Bluetooth Headset

First, make sure your headset is clean and dry. Sometimes dirt, earwax, or lint clog the headphones and block the sound coming out of the headset. After a while, check your headphones for dirt.

Moreover, you often keep the headset in your pocket or bag, which is a problem.

If you find dirt or debris on the headset, clean it by wiping the dirt off with a dry cloth. If your headset gets wet, we recommend you to use a microfiber cloth to absorb the liquid. Microfiber is specially designed for this purpose, as it leaves no new fibers all over the headset.

2. Check Audio Balance Settings

Most mobile users be it Android, iPhone or Windows have the option to switch the sound to the right or left earbud. This option is available to assist hearing-impaired users. So, if your headset is just one-sided, it could be that the settings are wrong.

3. Disconnect and Reconnect

Sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting the Bluetooth Headset can solve this problem.

4. Connect the Headset to Another Phone

Try connecting the Bluetooth Headset to another phone, if only 1 is working, then there’s most likely a problem with your Bluetooth Headset. So try to clean again, if after cleaning it still turns off, it can be ascertained that the dead headset is damaged.

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