7 Best Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives

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Best Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives

Business Ideas – Helping a husband who works by opening a business opportunity at home is indeed an interesting thing. Especially if the results can really help the family’s economy significantly. How can that be? the reason is because nowadays we are greatly helped by the existence of the internet so that it provides various conveniences that are not only in communication.

Best Home Based Business Ideas for Housewives

Here are some business ideas for housewives with little capital but are expected to provide additional results for the family. What are those? Here’s a review for you.

1. Simple Catering

One of the business opportunities for housewives that you can choose at home is to make simple catering. Why can you choose simple catering? The reason is because this business does not always have to be done all the time. you only need to make what you need when a catering order comes in.

Catering orders that you can offer are snacks for meetings, social gatherings, family gatherings, congratulations and others. No need for catering for big events like wedding catering and so on. if you also have the ability to cook tumpeng, you can also offer his services because not a few people need a tumpeng during a celebration or even a birthday.

The capital is relatively small and flexible because you will only cook when there is an order. In addition, you also have a little risk that you will not experience losses because the products you sell do not sell. If you want to do this catering business every day, you can leave your products at the market or other selling locations.

2. Daily Necessities Stall

The second business idea for housewives that can be done is to open a shop for daily needs. but when you want to open this business, you also have to do a survey whether there are grocery stores or minimarkets around your place that are open. the reason is of course you don’t want to open a business with tough competition.

If you don’t find a grocery store or minimarket around your residence that can be your competitor, then this second business opportunity idea is perfect for you to open immediately. You don’t need a lot of capital, take note of a few things that can be a product of daily necessities that are much sought after. No need to stock a lot, the most important thing is that you get the best price from your supplier.

3. Selling Online

Furthermore, it will not be complete if you don’t include a business idea for this one housewife. Yes, selling online is indeed an idol for today’s business opportunities. starting from being a reseller, dropshipper to a second supplier can be done from home without having to travel a lot or often go out of the house.

This is clearly a dream for housewives if the business can be done at home or at least in a small community around the residence. In addition, the reason why selling online is a favorite for business for housewives is because of the many choices for selling products. Generally, what will be the selling product is what the seller understands, for example, clothes, hijabs, pashmina, and others.

4. Make Up Business

As a housewife, of course, you have your own community at home such as social gathering, PKK mothers and others. Well, this can be an opportunity to promote your products, one of which is make-up products. Not a few make up products offered on the internet but have guaranteed safe use.

Here it can be a business opportunity for housewives, namely by opening a make-up business where the make-up is officially licensed. You can also become a member so that you get the convenience offered by certain makeup brands.

5. Selling Pastries and Snacks

The next thing that can become a business for housewives is to sell pastries and snacks. .if you think that this business only sells during the holiday or holiday season, then immediately change your mindset. you can still market your pastries or snack products through the internet and get a lot of benefits there.

The reason is because snacks and pastries tend to be more durable so you can open up market opportunities far from around your residence by relying on freight forwarding services. this makes orders for your pastries or snacks not only limited to holidays such as Eid or Christmas.

6. Selling Internet Credit and Electricity

A business opportunity that can become a business for housewives with minimal capital is to open a counter or a place to sell pulses. However, to complete your counter, it would be better if you also offer internet quota packages to electricity quotas. the reason is because the other two products are best-selling products for sale as well.

You can also combine the business of selling credit, internet and electricity with other business opportunities above, such as laundry, opening a grocery store to your make-up business among mothers around your residence.

7. Selling Breakfast

The next option for a housewife business with minimal capital is to sell breakfast. Selling breakfast is often underestimated because it just sits in one place. even though you can also develop this breakfast sale by utilizing services between goods such as through online motorcycle taxis.

Yes, you can open an online order by adding an option to order online which you can later deliver the next day or two after. this is the same as the business motto that sometimes you also have to pick up your sustenance instead of having to wait for your business to be visited by consumers who also don’t necessarily come to buy products or use your services.

Those are the seven business opportunities for housewives that can be done at home with little business capital that are also flexible and market opportunities that are still large enough to be developed. other than that, of course, the above businesses will not take up much time for housewives so they can still take care of their husbands and children at home. and what is no less important is that you are given the opportunity to continue to develop yourself with a variety of new knowledge that may be useful.

I hope this article provides an idea or reference regarding your future business opportunity plan as a housewife. If you have other business ideas, it never hurts to share with other readers.

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