How to Solve Apps Not Installed On Android

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How to Solve Apps Not Installed on Android

Apps Not Installed – When we have a smartphone then we are already familiar with the name application. Applications usually always decorate Android and iOS phones because they can make it easier for users, there are lots of interesting applications for us to install.

But sometimes when we want to install it we experience problems such as the application is not installed and so on, before knowing how to solve it let’s discuss what causes the application not to be installed.

Causes of Application Not Installed on Android

1. Full Storage

Full storage space is certainly the main cause of not being able to install applications, because if your cellphone has full storage, the new application to be installed does not have space in storage.

2. Corrupted Files

If you install an application from an unofficial source, surely this often happens, because usually unofficial sources will lack updates which cause obsolete files or even corrupted files which certainly will not be able to install on your smartphone.

3. Incompatible Apps

The meaning of that is that the application cannot be installed on your smartphone because it does not meet the specifications recommended by the application provider.

4. Full RAM Capacity

RAM has a very large effect on smartphone devices, if you are trying to install and run other heavy applications, the installation may stop because RAM can no longer run or there is damage to the installation of the application.

How to Solve Apps Not Installed on Android

1. Restart Smartphone

The first way you can do is to reload the smartphone. This method will reset the previously running system which will make your smartphone run smoothly again.

Maybe what causes the application to fail to install is an already full system which results in slow or stuck, so this method can be said to be quite good to do. The way to do this is quite easy :

  • First long press the power button present on the smartphone.
  • Then several options will appear, select Restart.
  • Then you just have to wait for the smartphone to turn on again.

2. Check Storage

Storage is very influential on smartphone devices because if it is very full then there will be no more space that can be saved for new applications that you want to install.

For those of you who want to check you can go to the File Manager on each of your smartphones because usually there will be total usage from storage and the rest that can be used.

To overcome this, you can delete useless files on your smartphone such as videos, documents, photos that may not be used anymore.

Or if you have other devices such as laptops and other smartphones you can move them to these devices and it will make the full device that was not full again, and can install new applications.

3. Enable Unknown Resources

Unknown sources which if not activated then you cannot install applications that you download from Google or ask friends in the form of applications only.

Here’s how to enable Unknown Resources so you can install applications from unknown sources :

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then go to the Security section.
  • Check the box for installing unknown apps.
  • And your smartphone can already install applications from unknown sources.

To make your smartphone safe again if you have installed applications from unknown sources, the next step is to turn this feature off again.

4. Clear Playstore Cache

This method can be very effective if the application is often not installed on your smartphone. You can do this method easily and certainly quite quickly, here are the steps :

  • The first step is to go to Settings.
  • After that look for the Applications menu or Installed Applications.
  • Then search for the Google Playstore app.
  • When you see it you can scroll to the bottom.
  • And click on the Clear Cache button.

5. Check App Version

The version of the application is very influential on the success of installing the application on a smartphone or not, because if your device is old enough and the application cannot be installed on an old smartphone, it will not be able to be installed.

For this before you try to install the application then you have to check the application can be on your smartphone or not.

6. Uninstall Unused Apps

Too many applications will definitely make the device full on its storage which makes the smartphone will not be able to save the new applications that you want to install.

To overcome this, you can delete or uninstall applications that are no longer in use to make your cellphone storage able to install new applications again. Here’s how to uninstall the app :

  • The first step is to go to Settings.
  • After that look for the Applications menu or Installed Applications.
  • Then look for applications that are not used.
  • After that click on Uninstall.
  • Then the application will be automatically deleted.

7. Factory Reset

This method will restart your smartphone like new which means that it returns the settings on your smartphone to the way it was originally purchased, which is still clean and only the default application is available.

This way you can install the apps you want as the storage is loose and the phone will look newer and smoother to play.

Every brand of smartphone certainly has its own way so you can see google how to do it according to the brand of the smartphone or you can check the manual of the smartphone.

8. Disable Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect can be the main problem that causes your smartphone to not be able to install the desired new application.

If it is active Google Play Protect will block all applications that you try to install from unofficial sources and there are no such applications in the Google Playstore.

For those of you who want to try disabling Google Play Protect, you can follow these steps :

  • The first step is to open the Playstore application on your cellphone.
  • Then click the line icon in the upper left corner.
  • After that you will see the words Play Protect so you can click on it.
  • On the Play Protect menu click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner.
  • After that, in the Scan device for security threats section, swipe left until a notification appears.
  • On the notification you can click on the OK section.
  • When you have successfully installed the application, don’t forget to turn it back on so that your smartphone is protected again.

9. Install Applications Through Official Sources

Sometimes someone tries to install applications from unofficial sources such as through illegal sources through unknown links.

It can make the application cannot be installed on your smartphone which will always fail.

To overcome this, you can search for the desired application from official sources such as Playstore or Appstore and install the application through the official source, then the application you want will be easily installed.

10. Check Android Version

The version of the OS or Operating System that is on a smartphone is very influential to the success or failure of installing an application into the device.

Because today’s applications already use the latest OS in order to be able to install the application, so if your smartphone is still using the old OS it will be less likely to be able to install the latest application.

So for the article on How to Solve Apps Not Installed On Android, hopefully it will be useful for you.

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